Las Vegas Artist Gambles Big on Music Business

Las Vegas (December 28, 2017 7:34 pm)

An indie artist just pressed 100,000 cds of his latest album in order to hit his goal of $1 million in sales. Local Las Vegas musician Jeff Mix is betting big on his most recent project that combines his two passions, film and music. He and his wife have sold their home and used the proceeds to invest in 100,000 CD’s. As they say in Vegas, he’s all in on Lost Vegas Hiway.

KMIX’s Heidi Haynes spent the afternoon at their downtown location where they will be shipping out copies of the CD’s as well as managing the day to day operations of Vegascana Records. It’s definitely a gutsy move in today’s music climate, especially for an independent artist but Mix says, “If you’re not going to believe in your own project or put your money where your mouth is, who will?”

Mix stands in front of his 100,000 CD’s of Lost Vegas Hiway in downtown Las Vegas June 30, 2017.

Mix is premiering Lost Vegas Hiway on Amazon Prime July 7,2017, Mix’s 46th birthday. Lost Vegas Hiway is a concept film and album about shady character’s at a dive motel in Las Vegas. The cast includes Texas country artists such as Grand Ole Opry member Hal Ketchum (playing himself), 2008 Academy of County Music Male Vocalist of the Year Jack Ingram, 2009 Americana Music Awards Instrumentalist of the Year and producer Gurf Morlix, Robyn Ludwick, described by No Depression magazine as “The queen of modern Texas country soul,” and Tom Meny, winner of the 2015 Kerrville Folk Festival’s Grassy Hill New Folk Competition.

Mix has also started an aggressive marketing program and training system to help other independent artists achieve big results in the music business. Mix says, ” Mark It Up is the backbone of business and jokes even a musician can grasp these simple concepts and make a go of it. It’s not rocket science.”

Check out KMIX behind the scenes footage from Heidi’s upcoming special on Lost Vegas Hiway that will air Friday night at 6:00 PM on Vegas Channel 7.